Idealpos Online

Intelligent Reporting at your fingertips

Idealpos produces point of sale software to be used on terminals, back office computers and hand-held devices for many different industries. We pride ourselves on adding features required and asked for by our users to ensure that our products remain relevant.

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Allow businesses to track and manage goods

The best possible way to simplify the inventory process and help track, manage a stand-alone warehouse or a chain of stores.

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Make faster and more accurate business decisions

Maintain a competitive edge and maximize revenue opportunities with flexible, easy-to-use reporting options to better assist you.

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Tracking status from POS to eCommerce channels

Integrated eCommerce solutions to synchronise data and receive orders automatically into your POS System.

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Select which KPI’s are important to you

Build your own Dashboard and choose the Charts you want to see on a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

View your Stores from one Centralised platform

Sales information is retrieved in real-time and ready to access whenever you need it.

Built for Idealpos 7 Point of Sale

A cloud based reporting solution built by Idealpos for our market leading Idealpos 7 Point of Sale Software!

Create, View and Export your favourite Reports

Query, filter and search your favourite reports to quickly find the information you need.

Secure and Scalable SQL Database

Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform utilising their global network of Microsoft managed servers.

Audit your POS transactions

Dynamically search through every transaction recorded at the POS using the Journal Enquiry.

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